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train with show jumping/international event rider and combined 8th generation professional horsewoman, Gillian Beale King

main line sport horses specializes in the training and sales of Show Jumping, Show Hunter, and Three Day Event horses. We are a full service, elite operation owned by show jumping/international event rider and combined 8th generation professional horsewoman, Gillian Beale King.

Located in the heart of Radnor Hunt Country in Chester County, Pennsylvania, we take advantage of our ideal location in regards to the many horse shows and events in our area, while also traveling to up-state New York and Kentucky in the summer, and traveling south in the winter months.

Along with training and sales services, we offer investment and sponsorship opportunities, lessons, and boarding to the avid horseman as well as those returning to the sport or looking to become involved with horses for the first time.

lessons and coaching

Private lesson with Gillian                          $80

Semi private lesson with Gillian                 $65

Ship-in lesson                                     Add $10



Full Board                                             $1,000

Full Training & Board                            $2,000

Training Ride                                             $45



Coaching (per day)                         $100-$150



Shipping                                $75 plus mileage

                                  $1.25 full load (per mile)

                             $1.75 single load (per mile)


Based on commission                     10%–15%




Beautiful 16-Stall Facility

27 Acres

Heated tack room

Hot and cold wash stall

Washer and drier for use of Boarders




Grand Prix Jump Field

Easy access to renowned trails

Rolling hills for strength and conditioning training

Lush paddocks and fields for individual or small group turnout

show jumping

Show Jumping is comprised of two rounds which require carefulness, speed and precision. The first round is a timed course over 12-16 fences. Riders are focused on accuracy and carefulness while aiming to make it around the course with no rails down and inside the time allowed. If horse and rider complete the course clean, they advance to the Jump Off. The Jump Off is a shortened course which is completed against the clock. The course designer aims for about 25% of the horse and rider combinations to advance to the Jump Off, and the horse and rider combination that completes the 6-9 fence Jump Off clean and in the shortest amount of time, wins.



Three Day Eventing is best described as the equestrian triathlon. The sport originated as a cavalry test and is comprised of three phases: Dressage, Cross-Country and Show Jumping. Eventing requires elegance, bravery, stamina, and finesse.


The first phase is Dressage, which is comprised of the necessary fundamentals in order to be successful over fences. Dressage expresses the graceful partnership of horse and rider through a sequence of movements on the flat, in an enclosed arena. The next phase, known as Cross Country, challenges the pair’s accuracy, bravery, fitness and determination as horse and rider combinations navigate a series of solid obstacles, water complexes, drops, and ditches, over varied terrain at speeds up to 570 meters per minute.
Show Jumping is the final phase in which horse and rider must again prove their precision as they clear a course of delicate fences in an arena.


Competitors accumulate penalty points in each phase, and at the end of the event, the pair with the lowest score takes home top honors.


Show HunterS

The show hunter should be beautifully turned out and have a balanced frame, where they are round and softly on the bit. The horse should have a long, flowing step that covers the ground in a relaxed and rhythmical manner, possessing beautiful movement for the Under Saddle classes and excellent jumping form for the Over Fences classes. Show hunters, ideally, show many qualities that were rewarded in the fox hunting field such as manners, fluid movement, and correct jumping style. Hunter fences simulate those found in the hunting field such as natural post and rail, brush, stone wall, white board fence or gate, hedge. The fences in hunters are not brightly colored as in show jumping or eventing, instead they are mostly natural colors such as brown, green, white, and beige.


side saddle

Sidesaddle allows a rider to sit aside rather than astride an horse. Sitting aside began in European countries during the Middle Ages as a way for women in skirts to modestly wear fine fashion while riding a horse. Current day sidesaddles classes are judged not only on performance, but also on dress, appointments, and manners.


sponsors and partners




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