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as a consistent competitor, and future world-class competitor, Gillian is constantly testing and pushing herself to better educate and improve herself, and her horses. A quote that lives strongly within Gillian is, “The desire and the will must be stronger than the skill.” She looks forward to the opportunity to “go for the gold” one day and represent her owners, sponsors, and supporters at the finest international level competitions around the world.


In order to build a string of world class horses, Gillian must cultivate a support system: it is critical to her success. She enjoys the strong support of her family, clientele, and current owners, and is thankful for the aid given by her loyal sponsors and partners. Gillian’s team is indispensable, as are the vets, masseuses, farriers, and others who keep the horses happy, healthy and sound. Gillian takes pride in treating her horses like royalty.


sponsor and partner benefits

Businesses donating goods, services, and/or financial donations are rewarded with world class exposure for their business or product through association with a high profile up-and-coming rider. Gillian provides publicity and brand endorsement for the individual or company, representing and promoting them and the goods or services offered. Sponsorship arrangements vary and include everything from brand ambassador, partial or full ownership of a horse, funding for competitions, to monetary donations towards the care and support of the show horses. Gillian represents her sponsors every hour of every day. She competes at shows approximately 80 days annually, in addition to representing on social media platforms and one-on-one client exposure.


sponsor or partner with Gillian

Hermès strives to ensure that each of their hand-crafted saddles brings the rider closer to the horse. Established in 1837, their saddles and tack are hand-stitched from the finest leathers.

Every great adventure starts in your head. Kask takes care of it. They create and develop italian-made advanced helmets that combine comfort, safety and design to look just as great as they perform.

Ogilvy Equestrian Inc. specializes in the design of quality equestrian accessories. Their company was created to integrate traditional ideas with avant-garde textiles and the beauty of design to create products that exceed what today’s riders demand.

Parlanti Roma custom made Riding Boots have always represented the perfect combination between quality, tradition and research. The recognizable features in every product made, shows the Passion with which Stivaleria Parlanti Roma has always worked.

Laser Equestrian Products offers riding equipment designed specifically for the horse by USDF Gold Medalist, former British Equestrian Team Member and Burghley four star Winner, Major Jeremy Beale.

Soteria Equestrian Safety was founded from a passion to promote and educate equestrians on the importance of safety while offering the finest body protection available.

Triple Performance is a natural nutritional supplement produced from a unique fermentation process that provides optimal support for health and performance.




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